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It used to be that if you went to throw a plastic bottle out people didn't care much because there weren't too many available recycling options. Now, no matter where you are, whether at baseball stadiums, art museums, or concert venues, there's always a recycling bin nearby. If you don't recycle that plastic bottle in today's society people will give you dirty looks.

Recycling has just become a routine part of our lives. Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, there's something going on, or someone partaking in some sort of green living. It's also much easier to live a green lifestyle in your home because of all the green products available on the market. From hybrid cars to eco-friendly cleaning products to bracelets made out of recycled glass, just to name a few, green products are everywhere.

Consumers have it much easier today because not only are the small, local, environmentally friendly independent shops selling and producing green products, so are the big box chains. They saw that there was a high demand for green products and didn't want to be left behind so they got in on the green market too. That's only a boon for consumers. It used to be hard to find earth worm crayons or solar powered flashlights. Not any more though with so many business and corporations manufacturing green products. It doesn't really matter what you're in the market for it, be it eco-friendly furniture, organically made dog toys, water bottles made from recycled glass, chemical-free upholstery and glass cleaners, or hybrid universal chargers, you can find them in many shops around your area.

Buying green is no longer a challenge. If you care about the environment and go out of your way to ensure that you're doing your part to keep it going and helping to sustain it then you should be proud to be living in the current eco-friendly environment. It doesn't really take much to help save the environment. Leave your car at home for a day and walk or bike to work, buy locally made organic food instead of store bought processed food, recycle everyday, read your book outside on a sunny day instead of inside with all the lights on, or make your own jewelery out of used items around your property instead of buying a cheap plastic kind. If you take the effort to do any of those tasks, even on a semi-regular basis, then you'll be doing your part. Buying and living green is just a normal part of our everyday lives and soon people won't even bother to make a big deal out of it.

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