If your home is in some serious need of cleaning you better rush off to your nearest cleaning supply store and pick up a few cleaning supplies. There's nothing worse than living in your filth where you're breathing in dust and if you don't want to get sick it's best you get to cleaning right away.

Before you hand over the cleaning supplies you picked out to the cashier for them to ring up so you can walk out the door you might want to take a few moments to read the labels. There are so many cleaning supplies sold on the market that have chemicals in them and you don't want to bring them into your home.

So many of the cleaning supplies available over the counter are not only harmful to the environment and your health but they will also make it hard for you to breathe. The cleaning supplies might not unleash their dangerous chemicals today or tomorrow but at some point they'll seep into the air in your home and that'll cause some big problems to the well being of the environment and your health.

Luckily there are natural cleaning supplies available for purchase that are non-toxic made by environmentally friendly companies such as BioVert, Dr. Bronner's, Heartfeltliving and Nature Clean, just to name a few. Whatever type of cleaning supply you need for your home you'll be able to find a natural and non-toxic version of it, from dish washing detergent to all purpose cleaning lotion to laundry detergent to hand soap wash to bath and tile cleaner to fabric softener to glass and window cleaner to hand sanitizer.

You name the cleaning supply you need and there's a natural version of it. Also, if you consider yourself quite innovative you can also use common household products such as lemon juice or vinegar as true natural cleaning supply alternatives. Vinegar can be used to clean bathtubs, sinks, toilets, counter-tops, and the top of ovens. It's also handy for people with sensitive skin, as it makes for a natural fabric softener. Lemon juice cleaning uses include dissolving soap scum and clearing out the garbage disposal drain.

Other natural cleaners include baking soda, ketchup, coffee ground and rice. It's amazing to think what items in our homes can be used for and whether we're in need of cleaning the bathroom or showing our lawn some love.

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