Earth Day is a once-a-year celebration in which people go out of their way to do something that they normally wouldn't do in an effort to help save the environment and become eco-friendly for a short amount of time. There's nothing wrong with doing something like using a compost bin in the backyard of your home, turning off all the television sets in your home or shutting off the electricity in your office for an hour.

Those are all appreciated during Earth Day. The thing is, though, that Earth Day isn't something you should only partake in once a year. You can be doing something each and every day that helps preserve and sustain the earth such as conserving water. Conserving water is something that should be practiced everyday; not just on Earth Day.

There are hundreds of water conservation tips we could give you but we just want to start you off with a few basic ones for now. Remember, the water conservation tips we are sharing with you now can be used each and every day in your home or office. Now, onto the tips.

Our water conservation tips:
-If using a dishwasher to clean dishes only use it when you have a full load. There's no need to waste water and energy on a few dishes.
-Keep a pitcher of water stored in your fridge instead of keeping the tap running to fill a glass with water.
-Equip your faucet with a low-flow faucet aerator that helps cut water use in half.
-Cut down on the amount of time you spend taking a shower or bath and limit them to five minutes or less.
-Install a showerhead in the tub that is low-flow since they help cut half the amount of water you normally would use.
-Insulate water pipes in your home.
-Make sure sprinklers are set to water only the lawn. Don't waste water by sprinkling it on the driveway.
-Install a rain barrel in your home.
-Wash vegetables and fruits in a pan instead of running water.

These are just a few water conservation tips we have that you can use on a daily basis. Make sure to share them with your friends, family members, and co-workers.

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