In any discussion about development, whether it involves the sustainable harvesting of pulp paper or a harmful and environmentally unfriendly chemical, the EPA is likely to factor in. Therefore if you're planning a career in development or plan to open a business or utility, you need to know at least the basics of what the EPA is and how it operates. To learn more about the EPA and the control they have over development, read this article.

EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency and it is the United States Government's watchdog on issues that affect human health and the environment. The purpose of the organization is to protect people from potential harm by evaluating the effects of everything from sewage pumps to global warming, and to reduce the damage that human beings are doing to the environment. They develop and enforce the laws concerning health and the environment within the United States. Some of the issues that are of most concern to the EPA right now include climate change, air quality, waste disposal by vacuum truck and toxic chemicals.

The EPA accomplishes their aims in a variety of way. Education is one of their primary weapons. By publicizing the results of tests and studies on their website, the EPA allows people to see for themselves how big of an effect recycling used tires can have. They also go out of their way to teach ordinary citizens about the environment and how to protect it by going into schools and creating publications that will foster the development of an environmentally conscious new generation.

Of course, it's money that makes the world go round so sometimes the biggest difference are made by the grants that the EPA hands out. Half of their yearly budget goes toward funding initiatives such as cleanups, education programs, and research into new ways to construct environmentally friendly real estate. The EPA conducts a lot of research on its own as well and partners up with other governments, charities, universities, and businesses to pursue knowledge and new, more environmentally friendly practices.

You may think that if your business is not located in the United States, that you don't have to be concerned about what the EPA has to say, but you'd be wrong. Because the United States is a world leader, their environmental protection agency often takes a stance in the international stage that affects how things are regulated in your country. Therefore the new regulations that force you to make your dollhouses out of wood from sustainable forests can often be traced back to the EPA.

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