When it comes to saving the environment there are many things we can do that will make an impact. We can turn the lights off when we're not home, install rain barrels in our backyards, use cleaning products that don't contain hazardous chemicals, and take public transportation or ride the bike at least one day of the week instead of driving a car, just to name a few.

We don't even have to be doing something environmentally friendly everyday. Just once a week is a good enough start. All the environmentally friendly tasks you can do we mentioned earlier are easily attainable. For some, however, driving everyday is a must. Be it driving to and from their job or picking up the kids from school, they need a car in their lives. That's fair. Not everybody can afford to not have a car in their life.

There are however alternative options out their to the normal gas powered vehicle. The Hybrid car is one. There's been a recent push to buy hybrid vehicles because they are trendy must-haves but that's not the real reason why you should choose hybrid vehicles over gas powered cars. Hybrid vehicles are more environmentally friendly than gas powered cars and have a much less negative impact on the environment than any other type of vehicles. That's the real reason why you should be driving a hybrid vehicle.

If the only way you thought you might one day own a hybrid vehicle is if you won one in a car sweepstakes on Winitcar.com draw then stop thinking that way and go out to a car dealership to find out the great reasons why you should own a hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid vehicles have low emissions, low fuel costs, low depreciation over time, and save you a lot of money at the gas pump. How could you not want to own a car that helps to cut down on the Greenhouse Effect, burns less fossil fuels than the average gas powered car, save you hundreds of dollars a year in gas money, cuts back on pollution and retains most of its value over time? That's the type of car you should want to be driving to and from your dealership marketing job everyday.

You might want to look into rebates you can apply for that will help you purchase your new hybrid car. Any money you save can be used towards buying a new set of snow tires or a sweet environmentally friendly air freshener.

Image of a hybrid car recharging at a station.

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