Some people are just looking for a pool and a good meal when they are choosing where to go on vacation. But there are others who are starting to think about how much energy we are all using on a daily basis and are interested in finding resorts and vacation options that are doing what they can to be more sustainable. If you're looking for a site that can boast of being part of the eco-tourism movement when getting away, than you might want to look for a place that has eco certification. Here is more about what that means.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council has been working to provide businesses with an environmental mandate with some sort of recognition in terms of a certification. They have created an international standard that can be applied when you're visiting day spas to a resort in Bali. More than fifty organizations were involved in creating the criteria for this program and it is all based around four principles. These are effective sustainability planning, maximizing benefits to the local community both economically and socially, reduction of negative environmental impacts, and reduction of impacts to cultural heritage.

This program and certification is meant to set a standard for those wanting to participate in sustainable tourism. This could include a hostel in Italy to a resort in Puerto Vallarta. This means encouraging businesses to reduce the amount of energy they are using, to buy and use local products within their operations, and to tread lightly when they are developing their site and expanding their land open to visitors. You will find that many people when visiting the Caribbean to escape the winter in High Park homes and those that are looking to go on an African Safari are those that are most looking for eco-tourism today.

If you're running a business that wants to be recognized by an organization like the Global Sustainable Tourism Council than there are many things that you can do to get started. The average family can do enough to make a difference when it comes to their energy usage. Think of the impact that a large resort or hotel could have on the world around them. Small changes will certainly add up in time no matter where in the world you might be. has been providing sponsorship to since 2015

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