While development is key to the progress of our species, development without regard to sustainability is actually detrimental in the long run. That's why we here at Development First support Earth Day. It's an annual celebration designed to get people thinking about the effects of chemicals, waste and other human inventions and practices on the environment. If we all think a little more, we can look after the only planet we have. Here are some of the things you might want to get involved in for Earth Day.


The point of Earth Day is to be a little kinder to the environment, so why not start by helping remedy the carelessness of yourself or others? Even in neighborhoods mostly dominated by sky high condos there are always things you can clean up. You might volunteer to pick up garbage in your local park, to help fish trash out of a pond or lake near your cottage, or to round up all those things that people toss out of their cars on the highway.

Parades and Gatherings

Each city or town will have its own plan for a public event on Earth Day, but most places have some sort of gathering. This is because the other point of Earth Day is to raise awareness of the harmful effects of not properly filtering air and water like the experts advise us to do, for the waste generated by every household. By gathering for a parade, protest, sit-in, or record attempt, you're showing your support for this important cause.


Earth Day is all about spreading the word about what we as normal citizens can do to help the Earth. It might be as simple as switching to cloth diapers from disposable ones or as complex as changing our eating habits to better match the carrying capacity of the Earth. Regardless, people aren't born knowing these things. They have to be taught. That's why Earth Day celebrations usually include some sort of film, lecture, or workshop on the harmful effects of our habits and what we can do to change things.


Eventually we hope to live in balance with the Earth. That doesn't necessarily mean no longer producing and developing, but doing so in a more sustainable way. That means choosing used machinery over new produced and making sure that any tree or plant that is removed is replaced. For Earth Day, you can help correct the balance by planting trees, either on your own or as part of a larger group

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