You will hear many times over these days that we are producing too much waste. And with cities expanding and people moving out further from the city, over the years there is just going to be less space to put all of our trash. This is one reason that you might want to look into composting and how it can help you reduce what you're throwing away and sending to a landfill. Here is a little more about this practice and how it works.

Most organic materials will eventually break down and be turned back into earth if they are left alone for long enough. This goes for an apple core that someone throws out the window while they're driving and the leftovers from dinner that a person brings right out to the compost pile in the backyard. This is good news for those that are interested in starting a composting pile because it means that it is an easy thing to do that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. If you want some fresh soil to add to the garden than all you need to do is start throwing those organic materials into some dirt and turn the pile every few weeks.

The most common thing that people throw into their compost pile is fruits and vegetables that have either started to go rotten or the ends that are not edible. But these are not the only thing that you can add to a compost pile. Paper, eggshells, leaves, and coffee grounds are other suggestions of things that don't need to end up in the trash if you're someone who composts. A household can reduce their garbage by a significant amount be adopting this practice. Imagine what difference it could make to a restaurant or catering company when it comes to their waste and where it's going.

Composting is essentially recycling and there are many cities that are now adding this to their weekly pick up program. If you're currently living in city than you have the option of using the green bin for compostable waste. You will find that there is nearly nothing that comes out of your kitchen other than packaging that you can't put in this bin. Even wood chips from a hamster cage can go in here.

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