Everyone has a value in their head of what they think that their time is worth when they are at work. You might be selling product in a shop and think that you should make more the more you're able to sell or want a wage that represents spending four or more years in post-secondary training. But, no matter what that number might be, there are very few people who feel that they should be able to work forty hours a week and still not make enough to buy the essentials of life. Unfortunately, there are many people in countries throughout the world that work hard every day and don't make enough to get them out of poverty. This is one of the main reasons that people are now getting behind the fair trade movement.

Fair trade means that those creating products, which are usually farmed, receive a fair price for what they are selling and have acceptable working conditions. If you have chocolate, coffee, or fruits and vegetables in the cabinets and refrigerator of your home you might not think much of where they came from or who works to produce them. When you see that a product is fair trade then you can be sure that you are getting high quality goods where the workers are being treated similar to how they would if they were working at a farm in this country.

There are many other reasons to support fair trade beyond just helping to ensure that more people have a safe and profitable place to go to work every day. Fair trade has been proven to be better for the environment and produces better tasting food. If you love to cook in your kitchen then you likely want the end result to taste as good as possible. Using fair trade products can help you create a meal that tastes like it came from a gourmet restaurant.

We hear all kinds of food media telling us what sort of products we should buy and where they should be from. Some suggest that you should only by things that are produced locally while others tote different superfoods for good health. If you're someone who works hard you might wonder if you should spend that little more that it sometimes costs to support fair trade. Just remember that this is something that promotes stronger communities and that helps them to evolve and thrive. Once they have reached that higher status, those people will be better consumers and that might come back to help you in your job.

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